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Micro/Nano Sensors Lab

Biosensing can be broadly divided into two means: label sensing and label-free (LF) sensing. For the labelled biosensing, the fluorescent detection is the most common technique. On the other hand, LF biosensors based on various optical mechanisms remains the most competitive means due to its excellent sensitivity, free from electromagnetic interference, ability to remote sensing, real-time monitoring, simple setup configuration, and more. For both fluorescence and optical LF detection in many biosensing applications, spectrometers are one of the most critical components for spectral detection and characterization of reflection, emission, and absorption spectral.

The research we are working on in Micro/Nano Sensors Lab focuses around biosensing with the following three main directions along with other projects: compact spectrometer, integration of label-free biosensor with microfluidics, and photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence.

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